Outside of My Box

They say that everyone should think “outside of the box”. But that is a challenging thing to do! I love to get creative with my jewelry making and often do something a little different just to spice things up, just to be outside the box.

But it’s still me and my box. Sometimes it helps to step into someone else’s box and play around in there. That’s what happens when I have the blessing of being able to attend a gem show with my mom. She has a wonderful sense of style and sees the potential in things that I don’t automatically see. She helps me think outside of my box!

My mom saw these beads and asked me what I thought. Well, I don’t think I would have picked them up on my own for some reason. But as she stood there holding them, all the sudden I saw how beautiful they were!  I knew they would be perfect!

So we brought them home and I made a set for her. They are wonderful!! I wish I had bought more of them. And I look forward to the next time that I can go with her to the gem show. Thanks, Mom, for stretching me creatively and for your constant encouragement! xoxo

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