One thing I love about jewelry making is the potential. While examining a slab of stone, I look closely, seeing what it can become. What shape would show off it’s best features? What part of the slab would make the most amazing polished piece? Then, what to do with the gleaming masterpiece?

Then there is silver. It comes in sheet, tubes, wire and even clay form. The challenge is to see the potential in the metal and make it form the way you want it to.

And of course me. What is my potential? What are my limitations? Do I have the tools to do what I want to do? Can I figure out how to make what I am desiring to create?

I guess I am on a quest. I see potential and I want to learn. I need to learn. And then create. So, I am never satisfied with acquiring a skill and continuing to practice it. I move on. I learn some more.

Today, I struggled to learn a new way to make those stones that I polish from slabs (cabochons) into pendants. I have been using wire wrapping to hold the stone secure. But this day, I labored through learning to weave the wire onto the cabochon. I thought it would be easier than it was! But I enjoyed the challenge. And, even though it was my first attempt, I am pleased with the look. I can see the potential in this technique and plan to learn more!



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