Wirework Passion

There are so many techniques to learn in jewelry making. I started by learning stringing. But I have a thirst to learn more and more!

My current love is wirework. At first when I saw books on using wire I was not interested at all. I couldn’t imagine what could be fun about wire. But then I tried it. It’s a challenge to get the wire to do what you want. It’s Janine vs wire. lol.

But I found that it’s a joy to make swirls and incorporate them into a jewelry creation. I make some swirls, pick out some beads that I would like to use and then just begin. I’m always a little surprised how the jewelry turns out, pleasantly surprised! The beads and wire seems to want to come together in their own way. And I enjoy letting them go.

Here is just one example of beads and wire coming together to form a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, a cuff bracelet. I don’t have the opportunity to make many of these, but when I do, they find a home quickly!

My oh my, I think I need to grab some wire and beads right now. See you later!


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