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See what Janine is doing in the jewelry studio.

Quinoa Cookies

Baking for my Granddaughter

  My granddaughter was over this weekend. Such a wonderful time! But I have diet restrictions (gluten-free) and so does she (no dairy or eggs)! This grandma wanted to bake for her girl. Thankfully, I found a recipe on the back of the quinoa flakes box. It called for butter but no eggs and no […]

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Pearl and Leather Bracelet

Perfect Combo

I had fun making this special order bracelet today. Trying new combinations is partly what keeps me interested in making jewelry. There seems to be no end to the possibilities! Pearls were never something I liked very much in the past. When I was a kid, it seemed that pearls were only used in ultra […]

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Janine's Breakfast Smoothie

Breakfast Smoothie

I decided to make something different for breakfast. Due to health reasons, I can’t have most breakfast foods…wheat, corn, oats. So usually I eat eggs. Lately, I’ve gotten really tired of eggs. My hubby suggested a smoothie. But most smoothies are pretty sweet and I just can’t handle a lot of sweetness in the mornings. […]

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Today I worked on a Special Order. My customer wanted a dangle bracelet with lots of sparkle and chunkiness along with earrings to match. This was a blast to make! Swarovski Crystals, Pearls and Sterling Silver.

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It’s All Up Hill From Here

It’s all up hill. At least that is how it feels sometimes! This heat is something, isn’t it?! It seems to be getting everyone down…making life a little more difficult….causing health problems….slowing us down. Life is hard enough as it is. And just when you think you are catching a break and things are getting […]

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Quarter Auction for the Nabrangpur Dream Center

I will be setting up a table with my jewelry at this event and 20% of my sales will go towards the Nabrangpur Dream Center in India. These Dream Centers are built by Good News India to rescue children who are identified as at risk of being forced into sexual slavery. This Quarter Auction event […]

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A Day in New Market

My Day in New Market, MD

Today I spent my time in New Market, MD. It was such a fun event with reenactors, moonbounce, rock climbing wall, pony rides, vendors and food. I met a lot of nice people.I made friends with Penny from Penny’s Plants and learned that the Citronella plant may help keep away stink bugs. Then I sold […]

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What a gorgeous day we had today! So I indulged in another of my favorite things to do….take photos of nature. I am fascinated by all the detail God has put into everything he created. When I take pictures of a flower or insect, I see a little bit more clearly just  how intricate it […]

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Beads of Many Colors

I bought some yummy beads! Don’t they make a lovely photo? Now to do the work of counting, entering them into the database, taking them off the strings and bagging them. Then I can make some new jewelry pieces! Aren’t they gorgeous colors?!

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Recycled Beauty

I’ve been relearning how to solder. I had taught myself the skill about 5 years ago, but then stopped using it. I just finished taking a class that made me feel secure in doing it again. There are so many little pieces of sterling silver sheet and wire that I have collected through the years. […]

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