Life Goes On Rug Pattern by Janine Broscious
Life Goes On rug pattern by Janine Broscious www.gentlespiritcreations.comHere is a version of "Life Goes On" hooked by Deborah Underwood

Life Goes On Rug Pattern


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This design has been in my head for awhile and finally decided to get it on linen! I’m picturing it done like a stained glass window. I’m calling it “Life Goes On”. Life can be so hard. But I’m trusting that each layer will build on the last and create something beautiful. With Jesus, it’s possible! This pattern is hand drawn on quality primitive linen that is serged around the edges. 26.5 x 20.5 inches.  Click on photos to see larger. Smoke free environment.  Original pattern by Janine Broscious. © 2015  Shipping to USA and Canada only. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery. Pattern only, not a kit. First hooked example by Janine Broscious. Second example hooked by Deborah Underwood.

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